PCB Design Checklist

Aug 30, 2018|Blog

When you design and build a printed circuit board (PCB), there are many components that must come together. Missing one step could result in a malfunctioning circuit board. There are certain steps that you must complete before moving forward. Otherwise, you will not be able to go back and fix something missed. That is why it is crucial to keep...

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Breadboard vs PCB

Aug 24, 2018|Blog

No matter the type of electronic device you have, chances are it will need a board to control the majority of its functions. When it comes to building the board, it’s critical that the designer knows what type of board is most suitable for the electronic project. There are two main types of boards to build: a Printed Circuit Board (PCB)...

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PCB Plating Options

Jul 31, 2018|Blog

The finish of your printed circuit board will be one of the last steps you complete. It’s meant to prevent oxidation of any exposed copper. The soldermask is there to cover the majority of the circuitry. If the copper is oxidized, it cannot be soldered. When a PCB oxidizes, it eventually becomes unusable. That final step of the surface finish is...

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