PCB Manufacturer for Hobbyists

Apr 26, 2019|Blog

Printed circuit boards are something that every electronic device needs to function. Without one, the electronic device will not work as intended. There is an endless need for PCBs. Many who enjoy tinkering and building their own electronics work on PCBs themselves. PCB hobbyists continue to grow and are looking for tools to assist them. Luckily, there are many free applications...

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PCB Trace Width Guidelines

Mar 6, 2019|Blog

Every Printed Circuit Board (PCB) will have copper structures that hold an electrical connection between at least two points on the board. This is known as the trace. The trace carries the current from one point to another, turning into an essential part of the board. Not every PCB has the same trace, though. The width of the trace is important...

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Flexible PCB Costs

Mar 6, 2019|Uncategorised

Printed circuit boards have grown immensely from their inception due to the fact that electronics have significantly advanced over the last few decades. Today, we have electronic devices that are made in different shapes and sizes, and PCB manufacturers must create a circuit board that fits with any given specific shape. Circuit boards are no longer simply straight and rectangular. You...

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