What are PCB Gold Fingers and How Are They Used?

Nov 15, 2019|General

Even those familiar with printed circuit boards, or PCBs, may wonder what gold fingers are and how they relate to PCBs. You may be surprised to find just how prevalent PCB gold fingers are in consumer electronics. Let’s find out more! What Are PCB Gold Fingers?Table of Contents1 What Are PCB Gold Fingers?2 Types of Gold Fingers2.1 Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold...

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The Ultimate Guide to Ceramic PCBs

Nov 4, 2019|General

Ceramic circuit boards offer a host of benefits over traditional printed circuit boards (PCBs). Due to its high thermal conductivity and minimal expansion coefficient (CTE), ceramic circuit boards are more versatile, less complex, and offer superior performance compared to regular PCBs. Want to find out more about ceramic PCBs and how they can make a positive addition to your company’s overall...

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How Much Does PCB Assembly Cost?

Oct 9, 2019|Blog

Engineers and technicians alike often wonder how much a printed circuit board (PCB) assembly costs, or how they can reduce the cost of their existing assembly operations. In this guide, we’ll answer the question “how much does PCB assembly cost” and will provide suggestions on how to save money on PCB assembly costs. How Much Does PCB Assembly Cost?Table of Contents1...

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