Common IC Packaging Types for PCBs

Apr 11, 2022|General

If you’re building an integrated circuit for a PCB, you may wonder what kind of IC packaging is best for it. You can choose from a variety of types of IC packaging. They’re all different sizes and have different numbers of pins. We’ll cover the common IC packaging types for PCBs, as well as factors you need to consider when...

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PCB Design

Apr 8, 2022|General

From the PCB’s debut in the early 1900s to its modern-day development, a circuit board is relevant in virtually every life. From our phones to our tablets, it’s those tiny green boards that allow our electronics to function correctly. With the discipline’s evolution, high-speed PCB design is undoubtedly something someone in the field will encounter. So, it’s essential to understand...

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PCB Colors: What’s Available and Why?

Apr 7, 2022|General

Green is the most common color for PCBs, but a growing number of manufacturers are offering alternatives. However, if you’re thinking about using an alternative to the standard green board, there are a few things you should know about PCB colors and how they can impact visibility. What Is a Solder Mask? Are you wondering what a PCB is? A PCB, or...

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