Flexible PCB Costs

Mar 6, 2019|Uncategorised

Printed circuit boards have grown immensely from their inception due to the fact that electronics have significantly advanced over the last few decades. Today, we have electronic devices that are made in different shapes and sizes, and PCB manufacturers must create a circuit board that fits with any given specific shape. Circuit boards are no longer simply straight and rectangular. You...

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What Exactly is Prepreg in a PCB?

Mar 6, 2019|Blog, Uncategorised

Before we can understand a prepreg, we need to know what a PCB is. A Printed Circuit Board (PCB) is what makes all of the electronics you use today operate. It is a series of electrical components interconnected onto a small device. Without the PCB, our electronics wouldn’t be able to function as intended. A PCB is mostly made up...

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PCB Thickness

May 23, 2018|Uncategorised

The thickness of a printed circuit board (PCB) will influence the performance and functionality of the board. Depending on what your requirements are for your PCB, will determine what thickness level best suits you. But not all PCB’s are the same. Many variables come into play when building a PCB. The thickness of the board is one of those essential variables....

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