Candor's Graphite Metalization Process VS Electroless Copper

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How The Graphite Metalization Process Exemplifies Candor's Simplified Manufacturing Process

Design Objectives

Customer Product Benefit

(Functional, Qualitative, Aesthetic)

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    Increased performance with destructive testing, therby giving a customer a better product.

Operator Friendly

(Simple, Repetitive, Basic Technical Skills)

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    Reduction of complex baths that require constant observation and measurments.

Environmentally Friendly

(Reduce, Re-use, Recycle)

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    Removal of harmful EDTA's and formaldehyde allowing Candor to be an environmentally friendly facility.

Regulatory Compliance

(Surpass Restrictions with Less Water)

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    Extremely little water used compared to electroless copper.

Fewer Process Step

(symptom of On-Time Delivery)

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    Reduction in process steps give Candor the ability to do 1 day turns!

Process Control Advantage

(less monitoring, ease of use)

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    Less chemistry required with an increase in stability making the process easier to control.

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