What We Bring to Your Industry

RF Microwave PCBs Highlights

We understand the need to deliver high quality products the first time around. That’s why we bring our years of experience, team of experts and quality design techniques for complex projects to ensure we avoid costly inaccurate results that can require you to do additional debugging and that subsequently slow your time to market.

Power Electronics Highlights

The reputation of your final products depends on the ability for us to deliver circuit boards that are accurate and cost effective. We understand that your ability to get to market is dependent on our ability to get it right the first time. That’s why we invest in technology and the latest innovations to ensure you get exactly what you need when you need it.

High Speed Data Technology Highlights

Meeting your high standards is at the core of what we do. At Candor Industries our team of experts are dedicated to ensuring your unique and complex requirements are met cost effectively. We work together with you, through our team of experts to ensure that the final product meets your high standards of quality every time.

Automotive Electronics Highlights

Getting high quality, consistent boards, on time is our core business. Automotive end customers need careful attention and on-time delivery to meet intense deadlines, Candor’s scheduling team is experienced in providing proactive logistics. Our technical experience allows for DFM solutions for full off shore production as well to increase cost savings from prototype to full mass production.

Lamination Highlights

Candor’s technology focus allows for consistent thickness and etching capabilities. We stock a wide range of laminate materials and resin systems to respond in a rapid manner. Our experience with exotic materials allows for seamless processing.

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Startup Highlights

Candor has a wide range of technical capabilities and experience. We can leverage these to give you best bang for your buck on prototypes with quick delivery. This ensures your vision comes to fruition.

Case Studies

We’ve worked with Candor for over twenty years, and continue to be happy working with them. They are our first choice for PCB’s and provide a reliable and quality product. Candor has helped us create a number of special boards for our products with environmental issues such as dielectric, thermal and humidity requirements. They always provide on time service and good feedback whenever questions are raised. Candor always adapts to our needs and requirements making it easy to work with them.

Dana L.,  

“I have been using Candor for over a decade and there are always there for customers. The customer service and engineering group it up there with the TOP GUNS. If the customers have any issues Candor is there for you to make it right. The board quality and manufacturability ability is top notch and have solutions to your needs. “


ISO 9001:2015 and CGRP Certified