What Is Unique About Candor's Blind Buried Via

With our streamlined manufacturing process we are able to manufacture sequential blind-buried vias with or without via filling.

Benefits of Using Sequential Blind/Buried Vias

Sequential Blind or Buried Vias are considered “buried” because of how they are embedded inside of a PCB, between conductive layers. Buried vias provide connections to two or more internal layers of a PCB, as plated-through holes that do not connect to either outer layer. 

Key benefits of Sequential Blind or Buried Vias:

  • Connect multiple adjacent inner layers
  • Provide a reduced layer count
  • Allow designers to use fewer lamination layers
  • Greatly simplify designs
  • Improve signal integrity
  • Provide short and straight paths for signals between layers
  • Lower capacitance
  • Improved high-frequency performance
  • Better shielding
  • Improved signal containment

Sequential Blind/Buried Vias offer technological advantages that are beneficial for specific applications. Incorporating Sequential Blind/Buried Vias allows designers to optimize density, performance, and manufacturing cost requirements that go beyond the constraints of traditional straight thru-hole via structures. Sequential Blind/Buried Vias allow PCB designers greater flexibility in connecting and stacking layers, making them an attractive option as PCB requirements continue to become more complex and highly integrated.

New technologies, such as landless via technology, allow design engineers to resolve space restrictions by eliminating via pad requirements.

Quality Assurance and Testing

Sequential Blind/Buried Vias enable improved component packaging, routing density, and electrical performance in devices. This reliability is essential for modern electronic components, from commercial items to automotive/aerospace parts and military applications. Quality assurance and testing are paramount for Sequential Blind/Buried Vias working properly, and when sufficiently designed they are a critical PCB fabrication tool that can solve higher-performance demands.

Candor’s quality assurance and testing processes significantly improve the performance of Sequential Blind/Buried Vias, and our products are reliable, well-tested, and consistently meet high standards. This is incredibly important in industries where precision and reliability are critical. We prioritize high-quality components and interconnection solutions with a level of dependability that is unheard of in our ever-changing world. We consistently improve our technology and services and ensure that our methods are high-tech and evergreen.

Candor also cares deeply about the quality of our environment, which is why we implement eco-friendly manufacturing processes. We are a green business that produces the best PCBs available on the market while also providing top-notch customer service, reliable shipping, timely orders, and thoughtful design.

On a printed circuit board there are the vias. The vias are what makes the electrical connection between the layers on a PCB. There are three types of vias commonly used: a through via, blind via and a buried via.

The blind via connects the outer layer with either one or more inner layers without going through the entire board. On the other hand, a buried via only connects multiple inner layers without going through an outer layer. Both vias add to the price of the circuit board.

Drilling a blind or buried via is part of the building process of your PCB. The conventional way of drilling was by a laser. This method, however, can lead to multiple failures if you do not clean up properly. You are then using more time and more money.

But with Candor, we use a mechanical drilling method. This allows us to achieve precise drilling without relying on a laser. Mechanical drilling is depth controlling by the use of linear scale and electrical detection on the copper surface of the panel. Our method results in spending less money and time and the drilling due to pre and post-processing required with the laser. It also greatly reduces the chance of field failures.

With our mechanical drilling method, you will have a precise circuit board that is clean and ready for the next step. Ask us about our mechanical drilling to learn more about how it works. Request a quote today to get your printed circuit board ready for completion.


We’ve worked with Candor for over twenty years, and continue to be happy working with them. They are our first choice for PCB’s and provide a reliable and quality product. Candor has helped us create a number of special boards for our products with environmental issues such as dielectric, thermal and humidity requirements. They always provide on time service and good feedback whenever questions are raised. Candor always adapts to our needs and requirements making it easy to work with them.

Dana L.,  

“I have been using Candor for over a decade and there are always there for customers. The customer service and engineering group it up there with the TOP GUNS. If the customers have any issues Candor is there for you to make it right. The board quality and manufacturability ability is top notch and have solutions to your needs. “


Frequently Asked Questions

Are blind and buried vias suitable for high-speed designs?

Blind and buried vias can be utilized to minimize signal distortion and maintain signal integrity in high-speed designs.

Can blind and buried vias be repaired or modified?

It is difficult to access buried vias for repairs or modifications, but blind vias can be accessed with careful consideration during the rework process.

What are the cost implications of using blind and buried vias?

The manufacturing costs of blind and buried vias are generally high because of their increased complexity. Cost impact depends on many factors including drill size, layer count, and aspect ratio. Drilling blind and buried vias can have a reduction in field failures and reduce costs from expensive laser pre and post-processing.

Can blind and buried vias be used in single-sided or double-sided PCBs?

Blind and buried vias are used in multilayer PCBs because of the requirements of interconnections between specific layers. Blind and buried vias are not typically used in single or double-sided PCBs.

How can I ensure the manufacturability of blind and buried vias in my design?

It is important to work closely with your PCB manufacturer or engineer. Follow the design guidelines, perform design validations, and adhere to all reviews and simulations to ensure proper manufacturability.

Sequential Blind Via With Candor Landless Via Technology!

With our landless via technology we can reduce spacing constraints. This gives our customers an design advantage compared to going to a conventional PCB manufacturer.

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