What Is Unique About Candor's Blind Buried Via

With our streamlined manufacturing process we are able to manufacture sequential blind-buried vias with or without via filling.

On a printed circuit board there are the vias. The vias are what makes the electrical connection between the layers on a PCB. There are three types of vias commonly used: a through via, blind via and a buried via.

The blind via connects the outer layer with either one or more inner layers without going through the entire board. On the other hand, a buried via only connects multiple inner layers without going through an outer layer. Both vias add to the price of the circuit board.

Drilling a blind or buried via is part of the building process of your PCB. The conventional way of drilling was by a laser. This method, however, can lead to multiple failures if you do not clean up properly. You are then using more time and more money.

But with Candor, we use a mechanical drilling method. This allows us to achieve precise drilling without relying on a laser. Mechanical drilling is depth controlling by the use of linear scale and electrical detection on the copper surface of the panel. Our method results in spending less money and time and the drilling due to pre and post-processing required with the laser. It also greatly reduces the chance of field failures.

With our mechanical drilling method, you will have a precise circuit board that is clean and ready for the next step. Ask us about our mechanical drilling to learn more about how it works. Request a quote today to get your printed circuit board ready for completion.

Sequential Blind Via With Candor Landless Via Technology!

With our landless via technology we can reduce spacing constraints. This gives our customers an design advantage compared to going to a conventional PCB manufacturer.

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