Printed circuit boards (PCBs) are necessary to connect electronic components. As the electronic age progresses, more and more PCBs are making their way into items around you. 

The printed circuit board industry is vast. You can find them in the cell phone in your pocket, the industrial equipment that built your cell phone, and the truck that transported your cell phone to the store.

Industries We Serve

Candor Industries is one of the leading names in the PCB industry. As such, wherever you can find printed circuit boards, you can find our work. Here is a list of the industries we serve at Candor Industries. 



Aerospace Industry

The aerospace industry has built many of the most advanced vehicles in human history, including the SR-71, the space shuttle, and today’s crewless aircraft. Candor Industries provides high-quality printed circuit boards built to withstand all that the sky or outer space can throw at them. Candor PCBs are in satellites, ground station equipment, electronic flight instrumentation, and various electronic systems crucial to modern aerospace equipment. At Candor Industries, we know that any electronic failure can have catastrophic consequences thousands of feet above the ground. So we design our boards with robustness, using the most advanced materials capable of withstanding high temperatures, vibration, and radiation, all with minimal signal degradation.

Automotive & Transportation Industry

From service alerts to GPS and parking sensors to onboard Bluetooth, today’s automobiles come packed with more electronic components than would have been possible in decades past. Candor PCBs provide the family sedan and the all-American long-haul truck with the most reliable electronics on the market. Our high-speed prototyping methods ensure that we will always be able to keep up with the rapidly changing demands of the modern auto industry. Our superior construction materials make circuit boards that keep your electronics functioning through hot summers and rough roads.

Consumer Electronics Industry

There has been an exponential rise in the demand for consumer electronics since the 1970s, showing no signs of slowing down even a half-century later. From fax machines to printers to ATMs to LED displays to digital cameras, laptops, and smartphones, you can find Candor printed circuit boards at the heart of them. We can rapidly prototype any panel you can dream of, constantly pushing the envelope while delivering a consistent product. Furthermore, we are continuously investing in R&D so that no matter where the ongoing electronic revolution takes us, Candor Industries will be leading the way!

Energy Industry

Whether solar arrays, wind turbines, or the various control systems, pumps, and robotics in a coal, natural gas, or nuclear plant, the PCBs required by the energy industry demand reliability above all, and Candor Industries more than delivers. Our unique landless via technology allows streamlined stack-ups without compromising capability, enabling our PCBs to provide more performance while taking up less space than the competition. Our engineers will always work with our clients to design a PCB setup for their specific needs, and our customer service team will respond to all questions promptly.

Industrial Machinery Industry

High-quality printed circuit boards become increasingly essential as industrial machinery becomes increasingly computerized. Candor Industries has perfected the science of building PCBs using positive-acting liquid photoresists, so we can constantly improve our capabilities while still relying on proven technology. Our factories can prototype printed circuit boards in as little as 24 hours, with a maximum wait time of 10 days until your PCB enters total production. In addition, we at Candor Industries put a particular focus on research and development, which means that we will always be on the bleeding edge of industrial technology, and if on the bleeding edge, so are our clients!

Medical Devices & Pharmaceuticals Industry

PCBs are essential to the functioning of modern medical devices. Lives depend on those machines functioning correctly, and at Candor Industries, we strive to make the most reliable PCBs on the market. Our printed circuit boards are made to the highest quality and sanitation standards because when lives are at stake, the PCBs in your equipment should be the last thing you worry about.

Military & Defense Industry

On the digital age battlefield, Candor Industries PCBs find their way into a wide array of essential military hardware, from military robotics to comms to base security systems, artillery, and crewless vehicles. All our PCBs, be they rigid, flexible, or rigid-flex, are assembled from the highest quality military-grade material. Our printed circuit boards are entirely ITAR, MIL-PRF-31032, and IPC-A-610E Class 3 certified, highly resilient to heat, humidity, dust, and many other environmental dangers military electronics can face.

Telecommunications Industry

The world is more connected than ever in the information age, from cell phones to cell towers to satellites. Candor Industries provides printed circuit boards that are light enough to fit into even the slimmest cellular devices while being tough enough to withstand the harshest outdoor or outer space environments. Our top-notch service team will always work with our clients to ensure smooth and satisfactory performance.

Why Choose Candor Industries?

Since 1999, Candor Industries has provided printed circuit boards to meet the highest standards of 21st Century industries. We pride ourselves on our swift prototyping; we can manufacture a prototype PCB in 24 hours! We can prototype more advanced circuit boards in 3 days and have them ready for mass production in up to 10 days.

Another reason to choose Candor Industries is our unique technology. We have perfected the use of active liquid photoresist, which allows us to provide a consistent product with proven technologies while remaining on the cutting edge of PCB technology. 

Another unique Candor Industries technology is the landless via, allowing us to build PCBs with high tensile strength without needing a pad.

Candor technology may be great, but our people are even better. We have an on-time delivery rate of 99% and will always work with our customers to improve our processes. We continually invest in R&D to improve our product, increase capabilities, and please our customers! You can see what our clients say to get an opinion from someone like you. 

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The industries we serve at Candor Industries are varied. So if you need high-quality printed circuit boards, we are always willing to work with you to produce PCBs that will fulfill your specific needs. Request a quote here!