If you are building a printed circuit board, you want quality material that is going to be durable and reliable. The whole system should work together to produce what you are looking for precisely. With Candor and our HID PCBs, we are here to provide just that. Quality material, service and insight to all of our PCB needs.

We started back in 1999 for those who needed more innovation with the growing amounts of sophisticated technologies. We are now pushing the envelope and how printed circuit boards are developed and constructed through many techniques exclusive to Candor. A lot of our processes replace older and existing operations that reduce the need for undesirable products and materials. We have been able to take our company towards a more environmentally friendlier status based on our preferred methods for our PCBs.

If you are looking to have a fully functional printed circuit board that needs to run to the highest standards, going with an HDI PCB would be the best option. These types of boards require newer and different manufacturing processes compared to other traditional boards. This means specialized equipment will be needed. But Candor has already invested in the materials and equipment necessary for an HDI board as we continue to push our PCB development further down the road. Candors focus on streamlined manufacturing process allows for more complex PCB development, with less risk of failure.

Here is a bit of information as to what an HDI PCB is, how they are put together and why it benefits you the most.

What Are HDI PCBs?

An HID PCB is a High Density Interconnector Printed Circuit Board. It is still a relatively a new type of technology used in multi-layered PCBs, but probably the fasted growing. These boards are on a high-density substrate with the wiring and pad connection than you would find with standard PCBs.

HDI PCB Manufacturing Process

Candor HDI PCBs go through a via process that is landless. We can remove the requirements on via pads that traditional PCBs need. It is laminated using either non-conductive or conductive epoxy to fill the pate. This is beneficial for having consistent impedance control.

HDI PCBs require equipment that does laser drills and sequential lamination cycles. These processes have already been done through Candor and readily available for your HDI board.

The result of the manufacturing process is a PCB that has smaller capture pads with higher connection pad density, closer spaces and finer lines. Your PCB will be smaller in not just the size but the weight too.

Advantages of HDI PCBs

An HDI PCB is excellent for those who have tight spacing requirements with their board. Because of our via method that is quite different from traditional PCBs, the space needed for the via is quite smaller. You can have a board that does more and function at a high level that is smaller and lighter.

Benefits of HDI PCBs

By going with an HDI PCB, you can place more components on both sides of the PCB. So for more elaborate boards that require more features and wiring without reducing the electrical performance of the board, an HDI board would benefit you. The smaller design allows for faster signal transmission which means fewer cross delays and a reduction in signal loss.


Because and HDI PCB uses up less space which means fewer materials needed, there is a reduction in cost through proper design. In some cases, an 8 layered PCB can be cut down to 4 layers by using HDI manufacturing processes. For even further reduction in cost, landless vias, vias with no annular ring can reduce complicated drilling steps saving time and money.

To get a more accurate quote for what an HDI PCB board would look like based on your requirements, contact Candor today for your free quote.

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