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Candor provides single, double side, and multilayer boards (up to 40 layers) depending on customer needs. For additional information on our multilayer capabilities please look at your capabilities section.

There are three primary ways we can make a printed circuit board. Depending on what you need, either a single, double side or a multilayer board will be suitable. Candor can achieve nearly perfect results in all three designs.

If you are not concerned with the length and width of the board, usually a single layer PCB will work fine. For a more cost-friendly option that is low in density and not robust to signal noise, this is the option for you.

If board space is a factor in the design, moving into our double-sided PCBs will be vital so you can utilize more surface area for components.

Typically, though, multilayer PCBs are frequently requested. For more complex boards with denser circuits, the more layer count you can add the better connection and function you will have. But more layers doesn’t have to mean long turnaround times. An eight layered board will only take one day, and up to 26 layers just need three days. We can even create a board with up to 40 layers that will take a minimum of five days.

We use FR4 substrate materials, or Flex, Taconic, Rogers and Arlon material. These hybrid materials lead you with the best results possible. Add that to three different pronged approaches we offer; you have a thoroughly designed board with nearly perfect registration control.

So no matter what style of board you need, Candor can create something suitable for you in the quickest time possible. Ask us for more information and to request your quote.

Registration Control

Candor achieves near perfect registration control using the following the pronged approach:

  • Multiline tooling and XRT system
  • Pluritec inspectra machine
  • P2 perfect testing

Hybrid Materials

Candor offers various options for hybrid materials including:

  • Flex – FR4
  • Taconic – FR4
  • Rogers – FR4
  • Arlon – FR4

We’ve worked with Candor for over twenty years, and continue to be happy working with them. They are our first choice for PCB’s and provide a reliable and quality product. Candor has helped us create a number of special boards for our products with environmental issues such as dielectric, thermal and humidity requirements. They always provide on time service and good feedback whenever questions are raised. Candor always adapts to our needs and requirements making it easy to work with them.

Dana L.,  

“I have been using Candor for over a decade and there are always there for customers. The customer service and engineering group it up there with the TOP GUNS. If the customers have any issues Candor is there for you to make it right. The board quality and manufacturability ability is top notch and have solutions to your needs. “


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Candor’s technology is modern and innovative, our competitors are 10 years behind us! This benefits our customers because we can produce what our customers can dream. We provide essential innovative solutions in Printed Circuit Boards that allow product innovations in ways that were never possible before.

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We understand the need to deliver high quality products the first time around. That’s why we bring our years of experience, team of experts and quality design techniques for complex projects to ensure we avoid costly inaccurate results that can require you to do additional debugging and that subsequently slow your time to market.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long have you been in business?

Candor opened in 1999 to fill a gap in the industry. Yogen Patel, Candor’s president, saw manufacturing limitations in how many businesses created PCBs. He and the Candor team invented new technologies to streamline the manufacturing process.

How can you manufacture PCBs at such a low price?

We strive to use the most efficient manufacturing process, meaning we don’t waste time or energy. Our rapid turnaround times mean we can produce new PCBs without costly delays. The quick shipping also satisfies customers, so we have enough orders to keep our production schedule full.

What if I am not satisfied with your PCBs and service?

We aim to please our customers and have over 99% on-time shipping results. However, contact us for more information if you notice a defect or aren’t pleased with your customer service. We continually work with customers to improve our product and business.

Do you have cancellation fees?

Cancellation fees vary depending on the status of your order. We charge a cancellation fee if we’ve already created a prototype or started production. If you need to cancel or change your order, contact your salesperson or customer service as soon as possible to confirm.

How can I get a quote?

You can request a quote online to get a prompt response from our customer service team. We’ll use your provided information to compile a free quote to meet your needs.

Can I track the status and shipping of my order?

Candor boasts quick turnaround times. Most prototypes print in just 24 hours. Even more complex designs only take three days. After a ten-day production, we ship the PCBs to your address. You can track the status using the information we email you after mailing your order. You’ll get a tracking number and package courier to check your order status.

Can I change my shipping method or address?

If you need to change your address, please contact customer service immediately. We don’t want to ship your products to the wrong location and delay your work. You can change the shipping method after placing an order if you update it before we finish production and prepare your package. Contact customer service to correct all shipping information.

What if the courier company fails to deliver my PCBs as scheduled?

Candor strives to keep up with a quick turnaround time and deliver your PCBs as promptly as we can. However, courier companies often experience delays. We can’t guarantee a set delivery once the courier has your package.

What are your capabilities in PCB fabrication?

This question is one of the most often asked in the PCB FAQ. Learn more about what you can expect from Candor with our design limits. The rigid, rigid-flex, and flex PCBs all have the same design limits, so you can mix and match specifications to get what you need. You can see our other capabilities to ensure you get your desired product.

Do you offer RoHS-compliant assemblies?

Yes, Candor is RoHS-compliant and environmentally friendly. We follow Restriction of Hazardous Substances guidelines to eliminate chemicals in our products and manufacturing process.

Do you offer testing and inspection services?

Testing is one of the most crucial PCB questions. Many customers want to be hands-on with their orders, so we offer approval before starting production. We also have a quality control department that verifies the status of all products. You can talk to customer service about what level of testing and inspection you want for your PCB.

What standards and certifications do you follow?

Candor pledges to provide high-quality PCBs to customers while protecting the environment. Our company adheres to professional standards and certifications such as:

What is a turnkey order?

A turnkey order means you send us any documentation or files you have regarding your needs, and we build the PCB for you. We manage the turnkey assembly for you, and based on the type of assembly you need Candor can pick the assembler. There are many local assembly partners we work with, whether the customer wants to go direct or let us handle everything.

Can I send you some components for assembly orders?

Yes, customers can send components they already have for inclusion in Candor’s PCBs. Before you ship them, contact customer service. They will help you with shipping information and part numbers, so we know what to expect in the delivery.

Can you ensure the quality of the parts you use?

We use the highest-quality PCB materials in our manufacturing process. Candor maintains relationships with reputable suppliers to ensure we get the best parts at the right price. Our quality control department oversees product checks before we accept an order and begin production.

What files and documents do you request for my PCBA orders?

If you’re placing a PCBA order, include these files:

  • Gerber files of the top and bottom silkscreen and solder paste layers
  • Centroid data of rotations and component locations
  • Bill of materials as an Excel file with vendor names, quantities, and part descriptions
  • Types of components, such as BGA, fine pitch, thru-hole, or SMT
  • Any additional information needed for your order

Can you source some parts for my assembly?

Yes, these orders are partial turnkey projects because you can send your supplies, and we’ll acquire the rest. As we source parts, we check in so you can approve every step of the process. Once we have everything necessary, you can submit final approval before we begin production.

How do you handle the excessive and unused parts?

Candor is an environmentally friendly company that doesn’t use formaldehyde, EDTA, ammonia-based processes, or other chemical byproducts during manufacturing. To produce less waste, we strive to use all parts in our builds. We can send you any unused items or keep them to use on your next order.

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