Single, Double Side, Multilayer Highlights

Candor provides single, double side, and multilayer boards (up to 40 layers) depending on customer needs. For additional information on our multilayer capabilities please look at your capabilities section.

Registration Control

Candor achieves near perfect registration control using the following the pronged approach:

  • Multiline tooling and XRT system
  • Pluritec inspectra machine
  • P2 perfect testing

Hybrid Materials

Candor offers various options for hybrid materials including:

  • Flex – FR4
  • Taconic – FR4
  • Rogers – FR4
  • Arlon – FR4

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Creating new designs and technologies require a partnership, the production process requires not only good product, but also knowledge and communication support.

The Candor sales and engineering teams are always ready to help and will respond to questions and quotes promptly.

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