Single, Double Side, Multilayer Highlights

Candor provides single, double side, and multilayer boards (up to 40 layers) depending on customer needs. For additional information on our multilayer capabilities please look at your capabilities section.

There are three primary ways we can make a printed circuit board. Depending on what you need, either a single, double side or a multilayer board will be suitable. Candor can achieve nearly perfect results in all three designs.

If you are not concerned with the length and width of the board, usually a single layer PCB will work fine. For a more cost-friendly option that is low in density and not robust to signal noise, this is the option for you.

If board space is a factor in the design, moving into our double-sided PCBs will be vital so you can utilize more surface area for components.

Typically, though, multilayer PCBs are frequently requested. For more complex boards with denser circuits, the more layer count you can add the better connection and function you will have. But more layers doesn’t have to mean long turnaround times. An eight layered board will only take one day, and up to 26 layers just need three days. We can even create a board with up to 40 layers that will take a minimum of five days.

We use FR4 substrate materials, or Flex, Taconic, Rogers and Arlon material. These hybrid materials lead you with the best results possible. Add that to three different pronged approaches we offer; you have a thoroughly designed board with nearly perfect registration control.

So no matter what style of board you need, Candor can create something suitable for you in the quickest time possible. Ask us for more information and to request your quote.

Registration Control

Candor achieves near perfect registration control using the following the pronged approach:

  • Multiline tooling and XRT system
  • Pluritec inspectra machine
  • P2 perfect testing

Hybrid Materials

Candor offers various options for hybrid materials including:

  • Flex – FR4
  • Taconic – FR4
  • Rogers – FR4
  • Arlon – FR4

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