Gerber File Extensions

Jan 4, 2021|General

Image by fuzikpke licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 Using Gerber files is an essential part of PCB board creation and diagnostics. Learn more about Gerber file extensions here, including the software you’ll need and extensions to recognize. What Are Gerber Files?Table of Contents1 What Are Gerber Files?2 What Are Gerber File Extensions?3 Gerber Files Extension:4 CAD Software Used for Gerber Files4.1 Altium/Protel4.2...

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How To Desolder a Circuit Board

Dec 29, 2020|General

Printed circuit boards (PCBs) contain various electronic pieces bonded together through a process called soldering. Solder is the process that joins metals and components together to produce an electrical current. But how do you remove solder from a circuit board?  Desoldering involves separating components of a PCB from the solder so you can recycle, dispose of, repair, or replace the pieces....

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PCB Ionic Contamination Test

Dec 4, 2020|General

The PCB ionic contamination test calculates ionic cleanliness of PCBs to determine potential electrical or physical failures that happen at various points in the manufacturing process. Contaminant tests can also help establish cleaning procedures. Some common contaminants, or residues, are sodium, dendrite growth, and flux activators. Types of Contaminants: Ionic and NonionicTable of Contents1 Types of Contaminants: Ionic and Nonionic1.0.1 Ionic1.0.2...

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