Via in Pad & Designing PCBs: Guidelines & Options

Jun 24, 2020|General

Via in pad is the practice in design where a person places the via in a copper landing pad instead of putting it on top. A person creates via in pad by drilling a hole into the pad, placing the via, and then capping it. What Does Via Stand For?Table of Contents1 What Does Via Stand For?2 What Is a Pad...

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PCB Stiffeners: An Extensive Guide

Jun 24, 2020|Flexible & Rigid-Flex PCB

A printed circuit board is an essential part of technology as we know it today. Without them, our favorite devices would be useless. In the evolution of PCBs, there have been many advancements and changes that allow us to better enjoy electronics. Many of the components that go into creating a PCB are simply a solution borne out of evolution. One...

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What is PCB V-Scoring?

Jun 2, 2020|General

Find out what PCB V-Scoring is and how to start using it on your circuit board designs using our comprehensive guide. In this guide, we’ll help you learn more about what PCB V-Scoring is, why you need it, how to specify scoring, the general rules of PCB V-Scoring, and what the distance rules are for PCB V-Scoring.  What is PCB V-Scoring?Table...

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