What is LPI Solder Mask?

Aug 27, 2020|General

What is LPI Solder Mask?Table of Contents1 What is LPI Solder Mask?1.1 What Does LPI Stand For?1.2 How is LPI Solder Mask Applied?1.2.1 1. Clean PCB1.2.2 2. Apply LPI1.2.3 3. Tack Dry1.2.4 4. Add Protective Film 1.2.5 5. Cure LPI1.2.6 6. Remove Excess Ink1.3 Solder Mask Colors1.3.1 Green1.3.2 White1.3.3 Black1.3.4 Red1.3.5 Yellow1.3.6 Blue 1.4 How Is Solder Mask Defined in Gerber (CAD)...

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Halogen Free PCBs

Aug 20, 2020|General

Halogen Free PCBs: A Brief IntroductionTable of Contents1 Halogen Free PCBs: A Brief Introduction1.1 What is a Halogen Free PCB?1.1.1 Halogens in PCBs1.1.2 What Levels are Considered Halogen Free?1.1.3 Halogen Free Board Design 1.2 What is Halogen?1.3 Why Were Halogen Free PCBs Created?1.4 Benefits of Using Halogen Free PCBs If you heard the term “halogen free PCB” and want to learn more,...

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What is a Gerber Viewer?

Aug 19, 2020|General

A Gerber viewer is any software program that allows you to look at a Gerber file’s contents. Some of these programs require installation, while others are online and do not need installing or downloading. With online Gerber viewers, all you have to do is upload your files to be able to view them.  What is a Gerber File?Table of Contents1 What...

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