To laminate multi-layer printed circuit boards Candor uses a continuous copper foil lamination press, which is more consistent than a conventional press. Conventional lamination uses to thick steel plates that are heated up, using a lot of pressure to transfer heat to panels. Our CCF lamination process has a continuous roll of foil interlaced between manufacturing panels acting like a giant resistant heater directly against the panels. The direct heating is controlled by thermocouples inside the stack and direct computer lamination programs. This not only give us +-5% impedance calculations with ease (link to products) consistently due to even thickness and less squeeze out.

Streamlined Manufacturing Process: Why use Continuous Foil Lamination?

Design Objectives

Customer Product Benefit

(Functional, Qualitative, Aesthetic)

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    Reduction of bow and twist

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    Significantly reduced Z-axis variation

Mechanical / Electrical Superiority and/or Stability

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    Panel to panel consistency

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    Structural deviation reduced

Operator Friendly

(Simple, Repetitive, Basic Technical Skills Required)

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    No heavy lifting required

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    Heating and cooling systems are computer controlled with set programs making operations easier

Environmentally Friendly

(Reduction in material usage, reuse, and recycling)

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    Reduction in heating and cure times, reducing power requirements

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    Recycle: Extra copper foil is recycled

Regulatory Compliance

(Surpass Restrictions with Less Water)

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    No water used!

Reduce Process Steps

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    The process is computer controlled with reduction in manual processing.

Process Control Advantage

(less monitoring, ease of use)

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    Using thermocouples reduces temperature variation giving superior controls for heat rise and pressure

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