Flexible and Rigid-Flex PCBs

This is a technology that allows the manufacturer to assemble electronic components onto a flexible PCB substrate rather then the generic rigid PCB. Flexible circuits are used where spacial constrainted limit the use of rigid circuit boards or designs require movable parts.

A flexible PCB is not only a luxury, but a necessity in many applications. Industries such as aerospace and medicine, take advantage of flexible and rigid flex PCBs to meet form factors that are tightly spaced or elaborately shaped. Our flexible PCBs are very light weight and can be made extremely thin – down to 5 mil cores! Develop flexible boards up to 6 layers without the need of stiffener.

Designing boards with flexible material often rids the need for extra connectors, wires, or other PBCs. This often reduces the complexity of assembly processes, and not to mention component quantity and cost.

Some designs require a rigid-flex printed circuit board (PCB) while others need a flexible PCB. If a manufacturer is assembling electronics that leave a minimal amount of space for the circuit board, the more flexibility they have, the better. A flexible circuit board will allow the manufacturer to maneuver the PCB into the correct position to ensure the best fit. A flexible PCP isn’t a luxury. For some, it is a requirement.

That is why Candor offers both flexible and rigid-flex printed circuit boards. If you are in need of moveable parts or of unique constraints with the products you are working with, then our flex printed circuit boards will be suitable for your needs.

By going with a Candor flexible PCB, you are getting more than just the flexibility benefit. We can add up to eight layers onto our flex-rigid boards. Not only that, those eight layers do not need a stiffener. Typically you will find a stiffener in a flex board to provide mechanical support to the function, even though it is not a part of the design of the electrical schematics. On top of that, we can keep our flexible PCBs very lightweight and thin with a .5 mil core.

When you make a board out of more flexible materials, it rids the need for extra wires and connectors. You now have a less complicated board that reduces the cost and amount of components needed to assemble. So you will be able to build your board quicker while keeping money in your pocket.

Candor Flexible Products

Multilayer Capabilities

Up to 10 layers with and without stiffener.

Flex – Rigid Combo

Candor can make flex-regid printed circuit boards up to 10 layers

Sequentional Blind/Buried Vias

We can provide squenntional blind and burried vias depending on customer needs.

Thin boards? No problem

Candor can manufacture flexible boards with .5 mil cores!

Flexible and Rigid-Flex PCB Reviews

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