The Candor Advantage for Metal Backed Copper Boards

Metal backed copper boards have a base layer made of a metal substrate. This substrate is bonded to the circuit and dielectric layers of a board. We use aluminum oxide epoxy, this gives superior heat transfer than prepreg style which is used in a conventional process.

When getting a copper or aluminum board, look for one that is metal backed. There are many advantages of going for metal backed copper boards, especially through Candor.

We make metal backed on our metal core printed circuit boards out of a metal substrate. The substrate is the base to which we apply a specific material to – in our case, metal. We bond our substrate to not just the circuit, but also to the dielectric layers. The dielectric is an electrical insulator on the board.

So why would we use metal backing on our boards and why does it matter to you?

The backing we use is made out of aluminum oxide epoxy. What this does is give higher heat transfer compared to the traditional prepreg style. Prepreg is the shortened form of pre-impregnated. It is fibreglass saturated with resin (pliable and robust plastic that can look like stone and metal). In simpler terms, the prepreg is fibreglass material which is strengthened by the resin layer that becomes adhesive.

Our process with aluminum oxide epoxy is more suitable for products and designs that require superior levels of heat transfer. Items like LEDs. Electric drives, automotive and power electronics all need high heat transfer designs. By using a Candor metal backed copper boards, you can ensure you are getting the heat levels you need for your design.

Candor has also developed multilayer capabilities with metal back PCBs using thermally conductive preppreg systems. This allows for complexity in terms of your design while allowing for greater heat dissipation than a standard FR4-metal backed PCB.

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This product is mainly used for high heat transfer designs such as:

  • Power Electronics
  • LEDs
  • Electric Drives
  • Automotive

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