The Candor Advantage for Heavy Copper PCBs

With our Panel Plating Technology heavy copper boards have superior even plating. We can put 6 oz of copper evenly in the hole as well! With our PPG liquid photo resist. deep trenches have no issues and close to perfect etching is achieved.

Candor uses only the most high-quality heavy copper material, which exceeds class 3A elongation, purity, and tensile strength. Achieve all of the benefits of an even distribution of power on your board. The heavy copper PCB is ideal for high-current applications and provides significant thermal sinking capabilities.

You want your printed circuit board to made out of the best material possible. The quality should be high, and the precision should be nearly perfect. Candor’s PCBs has all of that and more.

We make your printed circuit boards out of heavy copper. The material we used is top-rated for companies across Canada and the United States. It surpasses class 3A elongation, as well as tensile strength and purity.

Your tensile strength and elongation on the board tell you how rugged the plating used is. The higher the measurements are will tell you how many more heating cycles your board will handle. Our levels surpass conventional board shop measurements.

The heavy copper boards, mixed with the panel plating technology, gives our boards and even, superior plating. We can distribute the copper evenly across the whole manufactured panel with our panel plating technology. The result – a consistent design that we can fabricate quite simply. Uneven distribution can result in a failing printed circuit board.

Our PPG liquid photoresist achieves almost perfect etching on your heavy copper PCB. We use a wet process that delivers better results than using dry films. The result is no adhesion failures, defects and better etching lines. The whole process is quick, saving you time and money.

So if you are looking for a durable, constant and nearly perfected printed circuit board, our heavy copper boards will achieve those results. Ask us to learn more and request a quote to build your next circuit board.

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