Landless Via Technology

An exciting new technology that allows Design Engineers to resolve space restrictions by eliminating via pad requirements is called Landless Via.

How does Candor Produce Landless Via

Traditional PCB manufacturing processes required an annular ring to facilitate proper plating in the hole and on the surface. Our plating methods allow us to eliminate this requirement, giving our customers a design advantage when dealing with HDI PCBs.

Candor uses positive acting photoresist — a technology that unlocks landless via, reducing spacing constraints by utilizing tensile strength and elongation. It uses no pad, making large scale PCB real estate possible.

Combined with our sequential blind via capabilities, Candor is able to unlock a vast amount of connection potential for all customers, no matter your needs, obstacles, or goals.

Candor is able to build small or large scale PCB stack-ups faster than our competition without sacrificing quality. We have the capability and expertise to build in-house, both by hand and through automation.

Landless via opens up possibilities not available with traditional pads, offering streamlined PCB stack-ups with state of the art capability.

Our engineers can assess your needs and consider your new projects. Work with us to create a variety of scalable solutions for your new products.

Benefits of Using Landless Via

  • Benefits blind and buried vias
  • Impedance requirements and regular through holes. Consistent impedance records for repeatability are second to none.
  • Greatly improves spacing issues with HDI and tight spacing requirement boards

Shifting from vias with pads opens a world of possibilities for our clients looking to expand their PCB real estate while preserving efficiency and performance. HP’s studies do show that landless vias are more reliable than their pad-based versions, so you never worry that you’re sacrificing in the process.

Landless via offers consumers higher routing density — more traces per layer — which can help reduce the total number of layers required for your PCB stack-up. When working with large scale real estate, this is excellent news.

It works by routing the trace directly through the hole without the usual PCB pad. No pad equals greater density for traces between adjacent vias, expanding your capacity for better coverage. Better performance — less bulk.

Layers in the stack-up add just 20% to the cost, providing companies a cost-effective and performance enhanced option for electronics needs and could support the innovation companies require while also allowing for scale during production.

If you’ve never considered landless via, this could be your chance to produce your organization’s next big thing. Candor’s landless via offers you:

  • Higher routing density per layer
  • Cost-efficient design
  • Builds with scale and production in mind
  • Expansion of PCB real estate

Landless via opens your projects up to streamlined possibilities. Our team can work with you to increase build power and efficiency in smaller packages, increasing innovation and setting your organization up for scale.

We do all this with faster turn around and more accurate project estimations. It’s time to break out of the mold and create your next big thing.

Contact Candor to find out how we can help realize your landless via needs and to discuss what our expertise can do for you. Our engineers will work with you to create the PCB stack you need whether through landless via or traditional means.

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