After you spend the necessary time perfecting your printed circuit board design, you don’t want to wait weeks, or even months, to get the manufactured version of your PCB. You want a quick turn around time, so you can begin using your PCB.

At Candor, we know the importance of getting the job done efficiently. As your PCB manufacturer, you can guarantee a quick turn around time for your PCB, as little as 24 hours. When you combine all of the experience in the PCB manufacturing industry that our employees have, it’s easy to see how Candor can take your PCB design and create a board in no time at all.

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Don’t stress over the PCB manufacturing turn around times. By choosing Candor, we make your life easier by providing you with a high-quality product in a minimal amount of time. Even if you have a tight deadline, our team can make it work.

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PCB manufacturers boast about their turn around times everywhere. What makes ours different though?

Candor does all of the PCB manufacturing in-house. That means we do not outsource any step at all. This allows us to maintain complete control of the build time, product quality, and determine the overall turnaround time. That is how we can produce a PCB in as little as 24 hours.

We do not sacrifice quality for anything. From the service we provide to the materials used in the production process, every step of the way will be of the highest quality, ensuring you receive a finalized product that exceeds your expectations.

Our process is efficient from start to finish. We’ll respond almost immediately when you request a quote and enter your order. Our engineers are highly trained in every step of the fabrication process and the tools required to do the job. Even the machinery and equipment used to fabricate your PCB design is some of the latest versions available. After the manufacturing process, our engineers test out the PCB to ensure everything is up to the Candor standard before we ship the product to you. You can expect to receive your PCB in only a few days.

At Candor, we take quality seriously. We won’t sacrifice quality for anything. As important as quick turnaround time is, the quality will always win. Through our stringent test procedures, you can guarantee that the PCB you’re getting not just made from the highest quality materials, but that every component is in peak working condition.

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When you’re ready to take your PCB design to the next step, contact us and let Candor will take care of the rest. We work with all request types to create the ultimate PCB for your project.