Featuring a full range of PCB manufacturing capabilities, Candor succeeds all your printed circuit board needs with a wide array of PCB assembly services, which includes assembly partners and customer assembly. From short-run assembly to prototype assembly, Candor has rapid turn times with instant online ordering and quoting. Candor also features a suite of PCB design and layout services, including converting your schematics into finished PCBs. We are the industry-leading PCB manufacturer, and we provide services for people and countries across the world, as well as utilizing local assembly partners.

Candor is proud to offer different capabilities in PCB assembly and manufacturing, including quick turn time services that fit any schedule or budget. PCBA services can be complex, and turn time services can range from a few hours to a few days. Our professional team is also responsible for procurement and management of components, with turn-key PCB assembly at a low cost. Candor only sources from the most reliable suppliers, partners, and customers, and we always ask for customer approval before making any big decisions. Parts can also be consigned and kitted—after you send us all the ports with a detailed packing list, we can provide the remaining printed circuit board assembly services. Finally, our partial turn-key combo service allows you to offer us the main components, while we source the rest and build it for you. As with all services, Candor will ask for approval when it comes to key details that govern price and quality.

Item Name

PCB Capability

Circuit Board Materials

Regular FR4

This material can be supplied from Isola, Taiwan Leader, King Board, and Ventec, with product numbers KB6160, TLFR4135, FR406, and VT42. It is flame retardant and resistant, with a good resistance-weight ratio. It uses bromine, does not absorb water, and features a good insulating capacity in various environmental types.

HiTg FR4

This material can be supplied from King Board, Panasonic, Ventec, and Isola, with product numbers KB6167, R1755v, 370HR, and VT47. HiTg has better resistance to heat, moisture, and chemicals, and is made from more stable epoxy glass. It is widely used in computers and precise instruments.

Special FR4

This material can be supplied from Isola, with product numbers IS410, and FR408. Special FR4 is woven glass-reinforced epoxy resin, crafted with improved mechanical strength and water resistance.

RF / High-Frequency Material

This material can be supplied from Rogers and Arlon, with product numbers RO4000, RO4500, and AD250. It has excellent dielectric properties and is a familiar PCB laminate.

PTFE / High Frequency / Ceramic based

This material can be supplied from Rogers, and Arlon, with product numbers RO5880, AD350, and AD450. Excellent mechanical properties, with high-temperature resistance and uniform performance under a wide range of dielectric constants. Ideal for multi-layer board designs.


This material is supplied from Isola and Nelco, with products P96, and N25. Polyamides have high thermal stability, chemical resistance, and mechanical toughness. They also have terrific dielectric properties.


This material is supplied from Isola and is a 100% Getek product. This laminate has a low dielectric constant and low dissipation factor, ideal for high-speed performances with superior thermal performance and reliability. Features low moisture and chemical absorption properties.


This material is supplied by Ventec, under the VT42-B product. Featuring a naturally black appearance and edges, it shields sensitive components from light. Black FR4 is completely opaque, which is important for shielding some sensors.

Flex Core

The AP Series flex core from DuPont and Apexyl utilizes flexible materials to fabricate electronic assemblies that allow it to conform to the desired shape during application. This material is ideal for hard drives and portable electronics. 

Flex Adhesive

The LF/FR series of flex adhesives available from DuPont and Apexyl offers a simple design and manufacturing process that also has a lower material cost. Flex adhesive is a cost-effective option with a high copper peel strength that improves durability and dielectric conduction.

Flex Coverlay

The LF/FR series available from DuPont and Apexyl is a flexible cover film that encapsulates and protects external circuitry. Flex coverlay functions as a solder mask but has improved flexibility and durability in PCB design.

Design Limits

Trace Width

Standard design 0.005 inches, with 0.003″/0.003″ Intermediate cost adder and 0.002″/0.002″ Significant cost adder.

Via Pad Size

Outer layer via pad size has a Standard design of Class 3: 2 Mil, and capable up to landless via, with 0.002” Intermediate cost adder and 0.002″ high-density drilling Significant cost adder.


Line to Line Spacing specifications have a 0.005″ Standard design, a 0.003″/0.003″ Intermediate cost adder, and 0.002″/0.002″ Significant cost adder.

Through Hole

Minimum Through Hole Drilled is 0.012″, with a 0.008″ Intermediate cost adder and a 0.004″ Significant cost adder.

Via Drilled

Minimum Buried Via Drilled is 0.012″ Standard, with 0.006″ Intermediate cost adder and 0.004″ Significant cost adder.

Via Aspect Ratio

Blind Via Aspect Ratio is 8:1 Aspect Ratio Standard, and 1:1 for both Intermediate and Significant cost adders.

PCB Thickness

Maximum PCB Thickness is 300 mil, with 0.008-0.125″ for Intermediate cost adder and 0.002″-0.4″ for Significant cost adder.

Number of Layers

The number of layers starts at 12 for standard design, with 22 layers for Intermediate cost adder and 40 layers for Significant cost adder.


Controlled Impedance Tolerance is +- 5% or Under Tolerance Standard, with -0.05 for Intermediate cost adder and -0.025 for Significant cost adder.

Board Size

Maximum Board Size is 19.5″ X 22.5″ Standard, with 20.5 X 24.5″ Intermediate cost adder and 20.5 X 26″ Significant cost adder.

Copper Thickness/Density

We are able to meet all customer requirements for our Standard level of copper thickness/density, with a 0.005″ modifier for Intermediate cost adder and 0.003″ for Significant cost adder.


Minimum Drill-to-Conductor is 6 Mil (edge of the hole to track) Standard, and 0.005″ Intermediate and 0.003″ Significant cost adder.

Edge to Conductor

PCB Edge to Conductor is 0.010″ Standard, 0.005″ Intermediate cost adder, and 0.002″ Significant cost adder.


(Bow and Twist) standard design exceeds IPC-TM-650, while the Intermediate cost adder and Significant cost adder exceed IPC Spec.

Solder Mask

Solder Mask DAM is 0.010″ Standard, 0.005″ Intermediate cost adder, and 0.002″ Significant cost adder.

Manufacturing Turn Around

Lead times for standard rigid PCB is nearly 10 working days. That means Monday through Friday business hours, skipping holidays and weekends.

Candor is able to reduce that time to mere days by sourcing our labor directly and choosing an assembler based on quick turn, automotive, and production. This means we control every step of the process from estimates to the finished product. It also means quicker lead time for most projects by using local assembly partners.

As a result, our fastest turnaround is 24 hours for up to eight layers. All products are managed per customer specifications.

1 day

The layer count for 1 day can be up to 8 layers, the fastest turnaround time.

2 days

48 hours can get you up to 16 layers, and we control every step of the process.

3 days

72 hours for up to 26 layers, per customer specifications.

5 days or greater

In 5 days, we will accommodate as many layers as is required by the customer. Even the wildest builds will be efficient, quality, and to all specificities.

Other Specifications

Via Plugging

This is handled in a variety of ways including no mask on via, partially plugged, plugged mask with via, and both non-conductive and conductive epoxy.

Solder Mask Color

Solder mask color is always handled as per the customer’s requirements, with our quality assurance and efficiency. Solder mask color can be changed for identification, aesthetics, or reflectivity, and add a layer of protection that is critical for defect inspection.

Silkscreen Color

Silkscreen color is always done per the customer’s requirements, through our knowledgeable production process. Silkscreen color is standardly white, with other colors available for any specifications or needs.

Liquid Photo Image-able Silkscreen

All liquid photo silkscreens are accomplished per the customer’s requirements, and we respond to all questions, queries, and changes with expediency. All of our LPI solder masks are silkscreened or sprayed onto your PCB, cured property in our clean environment.

Board Finishes

Board finishes include board edge plating, conductive carbon ink, conductive via fill, deep soft gold and electrolytic hard gold, electroless nickel, immersion gold, immersion silver, immersion tin, hot air solder level, hot air tin level, and OSP.

Electrical Testing

Our electrical testing can include a Grid Test or Flying Probe Test, which are automated tests used to evaluate the operation of components across a PCB board. All our tests are programmed with high-precision needles that test PCB pins on the board.




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