Candor stocks excellent quality material and has very consistent etching due to cupric chloride etching. In regards to multi layer products our continuous copper foil lamination allows for less squeeze out due to direct heating of panels, we get the same thickness every time. We were able to choose the right material after hearing the application and previous issues in this case. The customer had a significant amount of coil like design as well, this type of design needs experience and the right technology which Candor was able to provide to achieve a 100% success rate with the boards. Conventional board shops have difficulty with getting consistent etching across several board designs due to pattern plating, and use of ammoniacal etchant. Candor uses panel plating technology and due to our breakthrough liquid photoresist, we are able to use cupric etching for all designs. Cupric etching gives a very tight tolerance with no added cost to successfully ship boards out to the happy customer.