The Candor Advantage For Thick Copper PCB's

Candor is able to create PCBs with a maximum thickness of 0.380 inches. High spindle speed drilling machines allow for superior tolerance with very thick PCB’s. We have done 0.380″ thick PCB’s with +/- 0.001″ finished hole size and +/- 0.001″ positional tolerance and continue to push the specs!

If you are looking for a specialized printed circuit board, we can help you with all that you need. Some boards need to be a bit thicker. With the Candor thick copper PCB’s you are getting high-quality PCB’s.

We can make our thick PCB’s to a maximum thickness of 0.380 inches. If you are dealing with stability issues, mounting challenges or you plan to segregate power and group, going for a thicker PCB will be ideal. The thickness levels play a significant role in the reliability of the PCB. We can ensure your copper PCB meets the required thickness while maintaining the quality and reliability.

At Candor, we want to achieve superior tolerance levels with our PCB’s. By using high spindle speed drilling machines, we maintain the some of the best tolerance levels on our boards. We are also able to reach a +/- 0.001” positional tolerance, as well as a +/- 0.001” finished hole size with our boards.

When determining what will be the optimal thickness level for your board, you want to take into consideration the acceptable levels of heat as well as the strength determined by the thickness, hole size and supportive vias. We take into account all the factors that determine the overall outcome of your board.

Conventional board shops have issues with small vias in thicker PCBs, Candor has advanced solutions for high aspect ratio plating!

We don’t stop there though. We are always looking for innovative ways to push the specs and be a leader in the copper printed circuit board industry. Request your quote today for building a thick PCB.


Thicker PCBs are useful when dealing with one or more of the following:

  • Stability Issues
  • Mounting Difficulties
  • Desire to segregate power and ground

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