What Makes us Different

Extremely Fast Prototyping

Candor can manufacture prototype printed circuit boards up to 24 hours! More complex prototypes up to 3 days and production in 10 days.

Unique Technology/Process

We have perfected a unique process that uses positive acting liquid photoresist. This resist allows us to use proven technologies in a unique way to get consistent product while pushing the envelope on capabilities.

Landless Vias

Our positive acting photoresist unlocks the landless via. This via has very good tensile and elongation but has no pad! This is great for companies that need lots of PCB real estate. Coupled with our sequential blind via capabilities, Candor unlocks great potential for all customers.

Great Service

We are always there for customers, we always try to make our process better and work with customers to improve quality. We have above 99% on time shipping delivery!

Always Investing Into R&D

Research and Development is an integral part of what makes us unique. We strive to continually improve, be faster, increase capabilities, and find new ways to make the customer happy.