Lead times for standard rigid PCB is nearly 20 working days. That means Monday through Friday business hours, skipping holidays and weekends.

But Candor is able to reduce that time to mere days by sourcing all labor and expertise in-house. That means we control every step of the process from estimates to the finished product. It also means quicker lead time for most projects.

As a result, our fastest turn around is 24 hours for up to eight layers. Thanks to our in-house sourcing, we’re able to accommodate your wildest builds with efficiency.


Layer Count

1 day

Up To 8 Layers

2 days

Up To 16 Layers

3 days

Up To 26 Layers

5 days or greater

As many as required by customer

How Long Do PCB Orders Take?

When customers get in touch with us for PCB manufacturing, our team works closely with them to determine the complexity of their needs and create an accurate estimate of turn around time. For simple builds of eight layers or less, Candor can produce results in as few as 24 hours during business days.

Even for complex builds, Candor is able to create a sustainable and realistic timeline that ensures fast results without sacrificing quality. We keep everything in-house, allowing us to pass on accurate projections to our customers with few incidentals.

From simple to complex, Candor’s turn-around times balance sustainability with the high performance customers require.

Factors Affecting Turnaround Times

While Candor is able to produce quality results faster than competitors, there are a few factors that can affect turnaround time:

    • Existing orders — Candor strives to ensure above-average service, but sometimes, our existing orders can delay your request. If this is the case, we’re more than happy to discuss solutions with you to ensure satisfaction.
    • Quantity — The size of your request can also affect turn around time. We are able to provide adjusted scale and predictions for completion due to our in-house manufacturing, however. Call us to find out how we can help with your enterprise-level requests.
    • Technology — Your technology requests can play a part in turnaround time. For complex needs, we may require additional time. Builds that rely heavily on automation could go more quickly.
    • Unforeseen events — Recent events have caused a variety of disruptions. While our production model makes every precaution to shield us from disruption, there may be outside circumstances that cause delays. Luckily, superior communication helps ensure customers are never caught by surprise.

Possible Delays

A handful of factors can affect potential delays with your order.

      • Disruption to raw materials industries
      • Enterprise quantity orders
      • Special build requirements and by-hand builds
      • Busier than usual order times

Standard vs Quick Turn

Requesting a quote from Candor is simple. Our in-house engineers are able to accurately predict the scope of the project and ensure the most efficient turn around for your needs using the latest technology available.

Quick turn PCB fabrication is possible using our blend of expertise and in-house development. Where standard fabrication requires outsourcing, our control over every step of the process allows us to pass time and cost savings onto you. You balance time with performance and reduce your wait times significantly.

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