OnlyFans isn’t exclusively a realm for adult film stars. Numerous celebrities have joined the ranks of this predominantly adult-oriented content platform, with several of them significantly boosting their earnings through their involvement.

1. Whitney Cummings

  • Username: Whitney
  • Launched: November 2022
  • Price: $10 per month

In early November 2022, Whitney Cummings unveiled her OnlyFans debut, introducing a fresh streaming endeavor titled “Unfiltered Original Roast Series.” This platform serves as her stage to deliver incisive commentary spanning from current affairs to politics, encompassing a broad spectrum of topics with her distinctive roast style.

2. Denise Richards

  • Username: deniserichards
  • Launched: June 2022
  • Price: $25 per month.

Ready…here we go,” she announced on Instagram regarding her OnlyFans account, priced at $25 monthly.

The revelation from the former “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star came merely a week following her daughter, Sami Sheen—shared with former spouse Charlie Sheen—making headlines with the debut of her own account.

3. Carmen Electra

  • Username: carmenelectra
  • Launched: May 2022
  • Price: Free (pay per post)

Carmen Electra, renowned for her role in “Baywatch,” ventured into OnlyFans in May 2022, coinciding with her 50th birthday celebrations.

The icon of the ’90s decided to engage more intimately with her fans after commemorating this significant birthday in April, viewing it as the beginning of an exciting and celebratory new phase in her life.

4. Bella Thorne

  • Username: bellathorne
  • Launched: August 2020
  • Price: Free (pay per post)

Bella Thorne’s arrival on OnlyFans in August 2020 made headlines as her debut momentarily overwhelmed the site, leading to a temporary crash due to the surge in traffic to her page, as reported by Page Six.

The actress, known for her past work with Disney, made a record-breaking entrance by earning $1 million within her first 24 hours on the platform, becoming the first creator there to achieve such a feat in a day. Her earnings reached $2 million within the first two weeks.

At the time, an OnlyFans representative clarified to Page Six that Thorne’s content was strictly SFW (Safe For Work), without any explicit nudity.

However, Thorne’s participation on OnlyFans did spark some controversy among sex workers, who criticized her account as misleading. In response, Thorne issued an apology for any unintended harm her presence on the platform may have caused to the sex worker community.

5. Tana Mongeau

  • Username: tanamongeau
  • Launched: May 2020
  • Price: Free (pay per post)