Watching movies and TV shows online has become very popular these days. In just a few seconds, you can find any movie or TV show on the Internet in good quality, with voiceovers or subtitles. For convenient online viewing, there are many services with a large library of content, which includes both old and famous films, as well as the latest novelties. 


Today we are going to talk about the online cinema Soap2day, which offers anyone to find the movie or TV show they need. The service is in great demand due to its user-friendly interface, the ability to watch movies without registration, and a convenient search for the desired film of any genre and year of release. 


Let’s consider a few options that will help you find the right movie and TV show in the Soap2day online cinema:


Search Bar


On the homepage of the site, there is a search bar that you can use if you enter the name of a specific movie, TV show, or one word from the title if you don’t remember it in full. Next, by clicking on “Search”, you will be presented with a list of all movies and TV shows with the same name.



Search by genre


In the top line of the site, there is a “Genres” tab, which includes:


  1. Militant;
  2. Adventure;
  3. Animation;
  4. Biography;
  5. Comedy;
  6. Crime;
  7. Documentary;
  8. Drama;
  9. Domestic;
  10. Fantasy;
  11. Game show;
  12. History;
  13. Horror;
  14. Musical;
  15. Mysticism;
  16. News;
  17. Reality TV;
  18. Melodrama;
  19. Science fiction;
  20. Thriller;
  21. Military film.


In this way, you can choose what to watch based on the list of genres presented, title, and description. This method of search is convenient because you can choose a movie for a specific event or your mood at the moment.


By country of issue


Next to the “Genres” tab is the “Country” tab, which you can use to select the appropriate movie or TV show by country of release. The list of countries offered on the site includes: 


  1. United States;
  2. France;
  3. Italy;
  4. Ghana;
  5. Finland;
  6. Norway;
  7. United Kingdom;
  8. Canada;
  9. South Korea;
  10. China;
  11. India;
  12. Japan;
  13. Colombia;
  14. Australia;
  15. Ireland.


According to IMDb rating


In the same line of the site is the “Top IMDb” section, which contains movies and TV shows with the most positive user ratings. This rating is made up of the average of all the ratings that people have given for a particular movie or TV show.




Soap 2 day offers several convenient ways to find movies and TV shows that will be understandable to any user who visits the site. A large library of content and a simple interface make this online cinema so popular all over the world.