Tensile Strength achieved with Candors Panel Plating

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How Panel Plating Exemplifies Candor's Simplified Manufacturing Process

Design Objectives

Customer Product Benefit

(Functional, Qualitative, Aesthetic)

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    Practically perfect plating thickness both in hole and on the surface, with liquid photoresist the conventional issues wtih panel plating are solved. Customer impedance characteristics are easily achievable, unlocking 2% tolerances

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    Extremly accurate line widths and tolerances

Mechanical / Electrical Superiority and/or Stability

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    Exceeds class 3A elongation, purity, and tensile strength

Operator Friendly

(Simple, Repetitive, Basic Technical Skills)

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    Reduction in process calculations thereby increasing ease of use.

Environmentally Friendly

(Reduce, Re-use, Recycle)

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    Recycle: Candor Recyles all excess copper

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    Reduce: With our easy to control, consistent process we reduce our scrap rate and reduce our material footprint

Regulatory Compliance

(Surpass Restrictions with Less Water)

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    Exceeds class 3A with very little water consumption.

Fewer Process Step

(symptom of On-Time Delivery)

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    Similar process steps with very little water consumption!

Process Control Advantage

(less monitoring, ease of use)

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    with even, uniform plating less monitoring is required.

The Benefits of Panel Plating

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