Conformal Coating vs Potting & Encapsulation – The Best Method

Nov 7, 2022|Manufacturing Excellence, Technological Advancements and Materials

In the PCBA world, the type of coatings that protect your electronics boards can make a big difference. Conformal coating adds a protective, non-conductive dielectric layer that prevents all sorts of damages and dangers including moisture, corrosion, fungal growth, and salt spray. Conformal coating is extremely thin, and the lightweight coating has almost no effect on the PCBA—it doesn’t stress...

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What Is EMI Shielding and Why Is It Important for PCB Design?

Jun 13, 2022|Manufacturing Excellence, Product Innovations and Design

In EMI shielding, critical circuits are covered using metal shields that protect from radiation and absorption of EMI. Discover why it is important for PCB design! In this article, we will discuss what is EMI, what causes it, why you should avoid it, and what measures you can take to keep your electronics safe. We discuss the best options in the...

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What Is a UL Certification?

Jul 6, 2021|Manufacturing Excellence, Quality and Testing

You’ve seen the UL logo indicating UL certification many times on product packaging, whether you knew what it meant or not. Once you understand what UL certification is and what it means for product quality and safety, you’ll always look for it. UL, LLC (formerly Underwriters Laboratories) is a worldwide safety certification company with headquarters in Northbrook, Illinois, USA. It was...

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