A Guide To Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)

Jan 24, 2024|Quality and Testing

In the competitive realm of electronic manufacturing, precision is paramount. Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) systems have emerged as crucial allies, providing the much-needed vigilance to ensure the highest quality in production lines. Their role is especially pivotal in today’s fast-paced production environments, where they aid in keeping defects at bay and maintaining consistent quality, as seen in intricate tasks such as...

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Flying Probes & Testing: Everything You Need to Know

Sep 29, 2021|Quality and Testing

Since the early 2000s, printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing has shifted heavily towards flying probes. Primarily driven by the desire to lower production costs and implement more modern automated technology, this shift resulted in flying probe tests becoming the preferred method of in-circuit testing (ICT) for many fabricators as well as buyers. Creating PCBs is a complicated and time-consuming process that...

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What Is a UL Certification?

Jul 6, 2021|Manufacturing Excellence, Quality and Testing

You’ve seen the UL logo indicating UL certification many times on product packaging, whether you knew what it meant or not. Once you understand what UL certification is and what it means for product quality and safety, you’ll always look for it. UL, LLC (formerly Underwriters Laboratories) is a worldwide safety certification company with headquarters in Northbrook, Illinois, USA. It was...

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