What Does a Process Engineer Do?

Jul 5, 2022|People and Safety

What typically comes to mind when you think of an engineering job? Of course, one might think of a train engineer or mechanical engineer, but there are more positions that range within this particular job category.  For instance, there are agricultural, aerospace, and even environmental jobs. However, one of the job titles in high demand is a process engineer.  What does a...

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How to Dispose of Ferric Chloride from PCBs

Jul 5, 2022|PCB Maintenance, Repair and Troubleshooting, People and Safety

A major use of Ferric Chloride is PCB etching. It makes copper traces that allow circuit board components to connect. Disposal is always a challenge for users of Ferric Chloride, particularly if the Ferric Chloride is used at home by amateurs making circuit boards. It is challenging to dispose of Ferric Chloride, primarily when amateur circuit board makers are using it....

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What is a PCB Assembler?

Feb 2, 2021|People and Safety

What is a PCB Assembler? What is a PCB Assembler? A PCB assembler is an individual or company that builds electronic devices onto PCB. These professionals use techniques such as surface mount assembly (SMT), plated through-hole technology (PTH), and electro-mechanical assembly. Photo by Gavin Allanwood on Unsplash What Does a PCB Assembler Do?  A PCB (printed circuit board) assembler is either an individual or...

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