How to Choose PCB Material

Sep 4, 2023|General

Choosing the right PCB material is a crucial step in creating high-quality, reliable electronic devices. In this blog post, we’ll explore the factors and considerations that go into selecting the best circuit board materials while keeping performance and budget requirements in mind. You’ll learn about different types of PCB materials, their unique properties, and how they can impact your project’s overall...

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What Is and What Are the Benefits of Through-Hole Technology

Aug 28, 2023|General

Have you ever wondered how electronic devices maintain quality and performance over the long term? The secret lies in a technique called through-hole technology. In this blog post, we’ll explore what through-hole technology is, how it works differently from its counterpart – surface mount technology- and why it’s essential to high-reliability products like industrial equipment and aerospace systems. Keep reading to discover...

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Arduinos vs. Custom PCBs

Apr 3, 2023|General

As prices continue to rise and information becomes widely available, many people are honing their DIY skills. Market projections maintain that the DIY industry will continue to grow, including hands-on techies and tinkerers. If you want to hop on the trend and build your circuit board, you may wonder how to get started. Most people choose between Arduinos vs. custom PCBs, though...

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