PCB Trace Width vs Current Table

Nov 20, 2018|Technological Advancements and Materials

Table of Contents1 What is a Trace Width?2 What is a Current Table?3 Recommended Trace Width for 1oz Copper PCB4 IPC Recommended Track Width For 1 oz cooper PCB and 10˚C Temperature Rise5 Relationship Trace Width and Current Carrying Capacity6 Factors That Determine Maximum Current Carrying Capacity What is a Trace Width? Printed circuit boards have traces that electrically connect components to...

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Rigid Flex PCB Design Guidelines

Oct 30, 2018|Product Innovations and Design

Having a rigid flex PCB is both a luxury and a necessity for many situations. By using flexible PCBs, it allows the manufacturer to install the board in smaller, more confined areas. The added flexibility enables the manufacturer to maneuver it into the correct position. Without the flexibility, it would be complicated, almost impossible in some applications, to install a...

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Common Printed Circuit Board Problems

Oct 30, 2018|PCB Maintenance, Repair and Troubleshooting

Printed circuit boards are what make our electronics function as intended. So, when something malfunctions on the PCB, chances are the electronic device will stop working. PCB problems can be a big headache for manufacturers because many things can go wrong at every step of the design and assembly processes. We created a list of some of the most common PCB...

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