What is a PCB?

May 23, 2018|Uncategorised

Table of Contents What is a PCB?What Does a PCB Do?History of PCBsManufacturing Process of PCBsStart With the Design:Creating a Film:Printing the Inner Layers:Remove Excess Copper:Aligning the Layers:Layer Together:Drill:Plating:Outer Layer Resist:Second Plating:Final Etching:Solder Mask Application:Finishing Touches:How Does a PCB Work?What are the Components of a PCB?What is a PCB Layout Software?What is the Use of a Printed Circuit Board?PCB Terminology It is...

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May 21, 2018|Uncategorised

When you are building a printed circuit board (PCB), every detail matters. All the finishing touches, wire placements and design of the board come together to make a PCB that meets every required need. However, it is what you put on the surface of the board that is critical to the assembly of the PCB. The surface finish is what prevents...

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