Apr 26, 2019|Industry Applications

Printed circuit boards are something that every electronic device needs to function. Without one, the electronic device will not work as intended. There is an endless need for PCBs.

Many who enjoy tinkering and building their own electronics work on PCBs themselves. PCB hobbyists continue to grow and are looking for tools to assist them. Luckily, there are many free applications available for basic PCB construction. However, if you’re looking to build something a bit more complicated, you’ll want professional service at a comparable price.

PCB Manufacturing for Hobbyists

If you’re in need of professional-like services at a hobbyist’s price tag, then Candor’s PCB manufacturer services are what you’re looking for. We can produce high-quality materials with fast turnaround time. Add that to our one-on-one customer service, simplified manufacturing processes, and professional-grade fabrication, and you receive everything a business does but at a price meant for hobbyists.

Candor serves an open hardware community. Whether you’re just learning, enjoy tinkering, or planning something on a larger scale, our hobbyist services well cover all of your needs.

High-Quality Materials

Just because you’re building a PCB as a hobby doesn’t mean you should receive low-quality materials. We ensure that even if your PCB project is a hobby of yours, you will receive the same quality that other businesses experience.

Our circuit board materials are suitable for every industry out there. From medicinal applications to aerospace and industrial settings, Candor’s PCB materials are high-grade in every way possible.

Extremely Fast Prototyping

Even though you’re building a PCB as a hobby, you still want a quick turnaround time. The longer you wait on your PCB manufacturer, the less time you have to tinker with your project. We ensure that you experience extremely fast prototyping turnaround times, as well.

For prototype PCBs, you can get your board manufactured in up to 24 hours. For more complex designs, it will take up to three days to create a prototype and up to 10 days for production.

One-to-One Customer Service

Customer service is a crucial part of any company, whether you’re a professional or a hobbyist. With Candor, you get one-to-one customer service to help you through your PCB design, prototype, and manufacturing.

You can expect on-time shipping. We are proud to announce that our delivery time rate is over 99 percent. No matter how big or small the project is or what type of customer you are, we strive for on-time shipping with every request.

Innovative Simplified Manufacturing Process

If you’re a hobbyist, you likely want to keep things as simple as possible. Even if you’re building a complex design, you still want a manufacturing process that is simple yet innovative.

Through our manufacturing philosophy, we ensure that you receive our simplified manufacturing process that gives you a seamless transition with superior products through our environmentally-friendly initiatives. Our process surpasses all restrictions by using less water, and we follow the popular idea of reduce, re-use and recycle.

Professional-Grade Fabrication

Even a hobbyist deserves professional-grade fabrication. Your hobby could turn into something later on in life. By using our professional-grade services, we don’t skip out on any part of the manufacturing process and services that we would also give to a business. You get access to all of our innovative procedures, increasing the capabilities of your PCB design.

Candor is always finding new ways to make and keep our customers happy. Hobbyist or not, your designs matter, and we’ll ensure that you know it.

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