A Guide To Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)

Jan 24, 2024|Quality and Testing

In the competitive realm of electronic manufacturing, precision is paramount. Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) systems have emerged as crucial allies, providing the much-needed vigilance to ensure the highest quality in production lines. Their role is especially pivotal in today’s fast-paced production environments, where they aid in keeping defects at bay and maintaining consistent quality, as seen in intricate tasks such as...

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Best Practices of New Product Introduction (NPI) in Electronics Manufacturing

Nov 27, 2023|Technological Advancements and Materials

NPI in manufacturing (New Product Introduction) is a complete process consisting of different stages from idea to product launch. The integration of product design, development, and manufacturing processes to create a new electronic product that fulfills market criteria and quality standards is referred to as NPI. Table of Contents1 What is NPI in Electronics Manufacturing1.1 Key Objectives of NPI in Electronics2...

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Drawing Schematics and Turning It to PCB

Nov 20, 2023|Product Innovations and Design

Introducing the transformation from schematics to a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) is pivotal in understanding the intricate process of creating functional electronic devices. The schematic serves as the blueprint, elucidating every detail that needs to be considered when Designing a PCB. Table of Contents1 Schematics to PCB: Do You Really Need a Schematic?1.1 What Is a PCB Schematic?1.2 What Does a PCB...

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