Top PCB Design Tools

Jan 10, 2019|Blog

To build a printed circuit board that works exactly as it should, engineers need to utilize PCB design tools. Because of the importance of PCBs, one wrong wire could cause the whole board to malfunction. We know that PCBs are what makes electronic devices run. Without them, your electronic devices wouldn’t function properly. The problem, though, is the complexity of...

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What Are PCBs made of?

Nov 28, 2018|Blog

A PCB is the heart of an electronic device. Without one the device would not function as it was intended. That is why it is crucial that the PCB be made with the utmost quality, down to the selection of materials and equipment used. What are PCBs made of? Many materials come together to develop a printed circuit board. Each material has...

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PCB Trace Width vs Current Table

Nov 20, 2018|Blog

What is a Trace Width? Printed circuit boards have traces that electrically connect components to various connectors. They are the continuous paths of copper you see on a PCB. The size of the traces is crucial to the PCB working correctly. Because there is electricity that runs through the copper traces, it produces an immense amount of heat.  Controlling the width...

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