7 Circuit Board Troubleshooting Techniques

Aug 10, 2022|General

Circuit boards, often called PCBs (printed circuit boards), are a vital component of almost every electronic system, and they can cause massive malfunctions with a single problem. A majority of PCB issues can be attributed to human error in the manufacturing process, even as rare as that is. Unfortunately, there is more room for human error due to the preciseness required...

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What is Pin-in-Paste (PIP) Technology?

Jul 26, 2022|General

Pin in Paste technology entails soldering pins using reflow technology to produce quality and sturdy electrical connections. Component placement and soldering are the primary processes in the current mixed PCB manufacturing process, encompassing surface mount and through-hole components. Conventional pin-in-paste processing techniques used by PCB assemblers are becoming less popular since introducing a more sophisticated alternative invention. In this article, we’ll examine...

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The PCB Etching Process

Jul 6, 2022|General

Most people don’t know the complicated process of making their everyday electronics. Everything from the designing process to the shipping of their products can seem daunting, but it no longer has to be. At the centerpiece of most electronics lies the PCB, a printed circuit board, which supports and connects the electronic components of your device to ensure the technology works....

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