PCB Panelization

Dec 24, 2019|General

PCB panelization is one of the most effective ways of producing small circuit boards in large quantities. By improving efficiency, this process can reduce costs, shorten manufacturing times, and otherwise make it easier to create devices the use printed circuit boards. “The·Grid PCBs” by Adam Greig is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 What is PCB PanelizationTable of Contents1 What is PCB...

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Standard Via Sizes

Dec 17, 2019|General

Photo by Christiaan Colen Licensed Under CC BY-SA 2.0 What is a via PCB, and why is it important on a printed circuit board? PCBs need vias, or drilled holes, to connect their layers. Understanding the standard via sizes PCB fabricators use can help you design your boards to meet the needs of common drill sizes.  Standard Via SizesTable of Contents1 Standard...

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PCB Insulation Guide

Nov 18, 2019|General

A PCB, or printed circuit board, generates heat as electricity flows through it. Without proper insulation, this heat can create massive problems for you and your PCB. Don’t wait until it’s too late, read on to discover more about PCB insulation. Why Insulate a PCB?Table of Contents1 Why Insulate a PCB?2 PCB Insulation Materials2.1 FR-22.2 FR-42.3 RF2.4 FLEX2.5 METAL3 Candor Industries...

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